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Proposition 33 Fails In California – Measure Would Have Given California Drivers More Discounts

The 2012 elections are finally over and many ballot measures were defeated including Proposition 33 in California, a ballot measure that insurance industry officials in the Golden State said would allow insurance companies to offer more discounts to drivers who have maintained continuous car insurance coverage and no accidents while raising rates on drivers who did not have a consistent car insurance history.

Why Did The Ballot Measure Fail?

Under California laws that are currently on the books which do allow car insurance companies like Allstate the ability to offer discounts to their customers for their consumer loyalty as well as discounts for consumers who have maintained continuous coverage and stayed accident free and the same laws also prohibit car insurance companies from utilizing discounts to attract new customers.

Proposition 33 which was initially started by George Joseph, the chairman of Mercury General Corp failed because, according to certain consumer “watchdog” groups, the discounts would have to be offset by raising rates for drivers who haven’t maintained continuous coverage due to time in the military or other issues like pro-longed jail time.

Many consumer watchdog groups also said that Prop 33 would also result in there being more un-insured drivers on the roads of California since the increase in car insurance premiums would make auto insurance something that some consumers could not afford.

Ballot Measures In Oregon

In the 2012 elections there were no ballot measures, similar to Proposition 33 that would have changed the Oregon car insurance industry. To get affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance any Oregon driver qualifies for a wide variety of discounts including the following:

  • Safe Driver Discount – Drivers can earn this if they’ve stayed accident free.
  • Good Student Discounts – An excellent discount for any driver who is going to college or a local community college.
  • Bundle Discount – This discount can be earned when a driver bundles their car insurance with other premiums.

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