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Property Tax Increase Coming Soon To Deschutes County Homeowners

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The weather is starting to cool down in Bend and with the cooler weather homeowners in this area can typically expect to open their mail boxes around the end of October to find their property taxes but this year is going to be different because, thanks to the increase in property values that homeowners in Deschutes County and Bend have been enjoying, close to 50,000 homeowners can expect to see an increase in their property taxes by at least 3 percent or more.

Preparing Homeowners

Scott Langton, the County Assessor for Deschutes County has been working hard recently to prepare homeowners for a coming increase in their property taxes, even going as far as shooting a video about the coming increase to Deschutes County property taxes and uploading it to YouTube.

Sensing that some homeowners might want to take out their frustration on the County Assessors office, Langton said in his video “please don’t shoot the messenger” and it’s understandable that he could feel this way considering that a 3 percent increase to any homeowner’s property taxes is not something that’s easy for the average homeowner to pay.

Climbing Home Values

Over the last year home values in Deschutes County have climbed by over 20% and that’s thanks to the improved Real Estate market in Deschutes County and across the United States. With home inventory still low, and demand for homes high, it’s expected that home values will continue to climb as we approach 2014 and beyond.

Homeowners in Bend and across Deschutes County have until November 15th to make a partial payment of their property taxes and it’s likely that most homeowners are getting ready for that payment now so they don’t have to come up with the money once

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