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Proof Of Insurance Is Now A Requirement In Alabama

central oregon car insurance
Got proof of insurance? This insurance requirement is coming to more states nationwide.

Anyone who lives in Oregon must have Oregon car insurance, if they want to drive legally in our state, and car insurance is also a requirement for drivers who want to register their vehicles in Oregon.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Oregon, when you step foot in your DMV, you have to show proof of insurance or they won’t hand over the tag for your vehicle.

Proof Of Insurance Catching On Nationwide

Even though proof of insurance is required in Oregon, it hasn’t been a requirement in states like Alabama but, beginning on January 1st 2013, drivers in Alabama are now required to show proof of insurance, if they have the hope of being able to register a vehicle in Alabama.

How will Alabama verify which drivers actually have valid insurance and which drivers are presenting expired insurance policies? Alabama’s revenue department now has the ability to verify drivers car insurance in just a few seconds, over the Internet.

A Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

Besides using their new internet capabilities for checking insurance, Alabama will also use their new system for randomly checking the insurance policies of drivers in the state to make sure those policies haven’t lapsed and the police will also use the same system for issuing traffic tickets to motorists.

Alabama’s new capabilities for making sure that drivers maintain their car insurance can be seen as a good thing or bad thing, depending on the way you look at it, but one thing is for sure, if more states like Alabama and Oregon use technology to very car insurance, the average car insurance premium across the country will ultimately go down because, there will no longer be a need for honest drivers to pay more for their car insurance premiums because of the drivers who are uninsured. 

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