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How To Prepare Your Car Or Truck For Rainy Weather In Bend Oregon

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Living in Bend Oregon is great, especially during the winter, we have the option to go skiing at Mount Bachelor, golfing at one of the nearby golf courses like Pronghorn or hiking, rock climbing or mountain biking on any of the nearby trails but once April hits we typically start to see rainy weather and the average Bend Oregon Resident isn’t prepared for it.

Maintain Those Tires

The first step towards getting ready for rainy weather is to get the tires on your car or truck ready by rotating and balancing them at your local tire shop.

This step is important because, when your vehicle is up on a rack, the technician will be able to spot any potential problem areas like worn or balding tires and save you from an accident before it happens.

Besides recommending new tires or just performing simple maintenance, a qualified tire technician will also be able to spot any problems with your brakes as well and it’s important to have good quality brakes especially when driving on slick roads.

Purchase New Windshield Wipers

After getting your tires maintained, the next step is to replace your windshield wipers; this step is something that you can easily do yourself since most windshield wipers are easy to snap off any vehicle.

You can purchase windshield wipers a lot of places around Bend Oregon including stores like: Auto Zone & Wal-Mart, just make sure that you use patience when replacing wiper blades because, it’s easy to break them, especially if the wiper blades on a vehicle are old and brittle.

Clean The Inside Of Your Vehicle

After taking care of the basic vehicle maintenance, take the time to thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle including your inside windows because, dirty windows, trash and other obstructions can easily get in the way of any drivers view and cause an accident.

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