Planning On Traveling This Summer? Think Twice Before Using Uber


By Tye Farnsworth

If you plan on traveling this summer you might become aware of a popular ride sharing service called Uber that’s used across the United States especially in California.

Even though Uber is popular and a company that many Wall Street analysts are saying could be valued as high as $18 billion dollars, Uber has received it’s fair share of controversy lately about the safety of this service since anyone can easily become an Uber driver but that’s not the real controversy……

Uninsured drivers

Thanks to the Internet, over the last 15 years many companies have made millions by being the middle man while people use their services.

Uber is the perfect example of this because, their app and payment gateway enable people to hire a driver through Uber and get a pick up quicker than most major cab services can provide but the real truth is that Uber drivers are operating their vehicles commercially and many times they will not have commercial car insurance.

If a Uber driver picks up someone using their private vehicle, with private car insurance, they are essentially voiding their car insurance in that instance because, most major car insurance policies do not provide commercial coverage to private drivers.

Uber looks the other way

While Uber makes millions of dollars in transactions it continues to look the other way when it comes to the fact their it’s drivers are uninsured and this will be a major problem for any driver who gets into a car accident and the passenger is insured or their personal items that they are transporting are damaged.

The uninsured driver can expect to be liable for damages and it could get a lot uglier if the driver is taken to court and sued by the passenger.

Before accepting a ride from an Uber car this summer make sure that you ask them if they have commercial car insurance because, if they don’t you might want to wait for a licensed cab to pick you up.

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