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Planning On Taking A Road Trip This Summer? Get A Car Insurance Quote First

Are you planning on taking a road trip in Central Oregon this summer? Make sure you have enough car insurance first! Road trips are a fun way to get out of town and away from the normal day to day aspects of life but, most people who take road trips every year don’t know that it’s very common for accidents and injuries to occur during road trips.

Thankfully, you can easily prepare for your road trip the Smart Way by verifying that you have enough car insurance before you hit the road.

Why Should You Verify Your Car Insurance?

Although you may think that you’re okay with having liability only, or the bare minimum car insurance, the reality is that car accidents are unpredictable and it’s possible that one car accident could be responsible for wiping you out financially.

Regardless if you were at fault, or not at fault, you need to make sure that you have more than enough insurance to cover all the costs involved after a car accident including hospitalization and repairing your vehicle.

Contact The Farnsworth Agency

At the Farnsworth agency, we specialize in offering the best car insurance that anyone can afford.

What’s great about our company is that we’re locally-based and our agents are going to take the time to learn more about your situation before we offer you an insurance policy.

This will guarantee that you’re going to have an insurance policy that will cover you financially should you get into an accident during your road trip.

To get a quote, contact us to me by calling us at (541) 318-8835 or click here to connect with us online.