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Fewer People Searching For Car Insurance Online In Last 2 Years

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Thanks to a recent report from TransUnion we know that the percentage of people who are searching for car insurance online is down in the last two years.

Although close to 20 percent of the population who can be considered “credit active” have searched for car insurance online in the last 12 months the overall percentage of people online who were searching for car insurance was actually down 15.4 percent between February 2014 and February 2013.

Why The Change In Shopping For Car Insurance Online?

Although millions of dollars are being spent to market car insurance every single year, especially to get people to apply for car insurance quotes online, car insurance companies can’t deny that fewer people are going online to search for quotes.

To many people this trend can be directly attributed to the fact that more companies like AllState are focusing on offering more personalized service and support to their customers and the average people is turning to the local car insurance agent first to buy insurance first before going online.

Bad Credit versus Good Credit

Even though it’s likely that the reason why shoppers are turning to the Internet less and less to shop for car insurance other things to consider are the possibilities that drivers with good credit are less inclined to shop for car insurance regularly compared to drivers with poor to fair credit who shop for car insurance regularly during the year.

Regardless of where you shop for car insurance it’s important to choose a car insurance agent who will be able to handle all of your car insurance needs.

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