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Will People Who Have Low Credit Scores Pay More For Central Oregon Car Insurance?

Central Oregon Car Insurance

Most people who have Central Oregon Car Insurance typically are safe drivers who also maintain a good credit score but sometimes credit is something that we can’t control, and there are drivers on the roads of Central Oregon today who have poor credit scores, but have never gotten into an accident, and yet they may be paying more for their car insurance premium due to their low credit score.

Thanks to a recently released study from the Consumer Federation of America we know that some car insurance companies are charging drivers with poor credit scores more for their car insurance premiums and they are sometimes getting charged as much a 130% more than drivers who have good credit scores.

Unfair Treatment?

The Consumer Federation of America study highlights an issue that drivers who have Central Oregon Car Insurance have known for years; sometimes you will pay more for car insurance if you have poor credit and there really isn’t anything a driver can do about it because, most insurance companies feel that drivers with poor credit are riskier behind the wheel compared to drivers with good credit.

Average Premiums

Drivers across the United States can expect to pay an average of $563 for their car insurance premium per year, if they have good credit, while drivers with poor credit can expect to pay an average of $948 or more.

Do you think that your credit score should affect your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium? Your answer will most likely be no, but for Rachael Risinger, spokeswoman for State Farm, she believes that the two are connected and insurance companies should charge people more for car insurance, if they have a low credit score. In a recent interview on the topic she said “There is an undeniable correlation between credit information and insurance risk”.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

If you feel that you’re currently overpaying for your Central Oregon Car Insurance you can save money on your policy by doing the following: shopping around for a new policy or ask your insurer for a bundle rate by combining your car insurance policies with one carrier, ask for discounts, drive fewer miles per year and take steps to protect your vehicle by purchasing a car alarm or parking your vehicle in a well-lit parking area at night.

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