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Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance – Will This Come To Oregon?

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Pay per mile car insurance may save Oregonians hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and reduce the cost of the average car insurance premium.

Central Oregon car insurance is a necessary cost that drivers in cities like Bend, Prineville, Redmond and Madras have to pay, if they want to drive legally on the roads of Oregon, but times are changing and in many states there is a move for car insurance companies to adopt pay-per-mile car insurance coverage to help drivers who are struggling in this economy and may by driving fewer miles than they did in previous years.

Coming Soon To A Town Near You?

Will this type of car insurance ever become legal in Oregon? It’s anyone’s guess but the concept is not anything new, drivers who are used to taking public transportation are used to paying for how often they need to use the transit system so a pay per mile insurance plan might be something that will catch on soon.

Is Pay-Per Mile Insurance Fair?

With the state of the current insurance market all drivers have to pay a hefty premium no matter how much they drive, or how seldom, and it’s typically the drivers who are not driving a lot that end up subsidizing the drivers who drive a lot of miles per year.

One obvious benefit that pay-per-mile insurance will have is that it will make drivers in Oregon and across the United States choose more alternative sources of transportation like public transit.

A recent report by the Brookings Institution showed that carbon emissions and oil usage would drop by at least five percent per year and driving would drop by up to 10 percent as well as more people would be choosing other transportation options to get around.

Great For Cities Like Portland?

Regardless of how you feel about pay-per-mile car insurance, one thing is for certain, this type of car insurance coverage would be a positive thing for cities like Portland, where public transportation options are abundant, but it might be some time before this type of car insurance would become the norm in cities like Bend, a city that doesn’t enjoy as many public transportation choices.

Drivers who were to try a pay-per-mile car insurance plan would begin to enjoy a huge savings especially if they drove 10,000 miles or less per year and this annual savings could be used elsewhere as many families in Oregon are still counting every penny in their budgets on a regular basis.

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