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Will You Pay More For Central Oregon Car Insurance If You Report A Dent?

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Have you ever paid for a car expense out of pocket, after a minor accident, rather than filing a claim with your Central Oregon Car Insurance?

Many people have chosen to pay for a car expense after a minor fender bender over the years and now this is looking like a smart strategy because, thanks to a recent report that was issued from we know that drivers in some states are paying up to 40% more for their car insurance after filing a claim with their car insurance companies.

Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

Thankfully, most drivers who have Central Oregon Car Insurance can continue to expect to pay low car insurance premiums each year, especially after reporting car accidents or damages to their vehicles, compared to drivers who live in California, Massachusetts and New Jersey who are paying up to 60% more for their car insurance premiums after filing claims with their car insurance companies.

Michigan residents are also paying heavily for their car insurance premiums, after they have an accident, and report that accident to their car insurance carriers. For example: the average Michigan driver paid $935 per year for their car insurance premiums but after reporting everything from minor fender benders, to major car accidents, their car insurance premiums went up to $1,147 per year.

Before Filing a Claim, Do This

The next time you have a minor fender bender, or your vehicle is damaged slightly, due to due to road conditions, or circumstances beyond your control, take the time to evaluate what the long term cost will be if you report the damage to your vehicle compared to paying for the damage out of pocket yourself because, covering the cost of the repairs yourself could ultimately save you hundreds of dollars per year.

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