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Will Owning A Recalled Vehicle Affect Your Central Oregon Car Insurance?

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Thanks to recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Administration we know that there were close to 20 million vehicles recalled across the United States and close to 700 safety recalls issued from auto manufacturers.

How are you supposed to handle it when you receive a recall notice from the manufacturer in the mail? You should take the recall notice, and your vehicle back to the car dealership, that you purchase your vehicle from, and they will repair and replace the part that was recalled, at no cost to you but, many consumers these days are asking “will owning a recalled vehicle affect my Central Oregon Car Insurance premium?”

Your car insurance will not be affected

If you’ve received a recall notice for your vehicle in the past, you know that the manufacturer of the vehicle is legally responsible for repairing and replacing the recalled parts so, because the financial cost of the recall does not fall on the insurance company, your Central Oregon Car Insurance rates will not be affected.

In some cases it’s entirely possible that your central Oregon car insurance premium may even go down a little bit because, your vehicle is safer than it was before the recall but, the overall benefit of participating in a recall is driving around a safer vehicle and having the confidence that your vehicle will be ready for anything it encounters on the road.

When your car insurance premium could go up

Let’s say you decided to ignore the recall notice from your vehicle’s manufacturer; in this situation you could expect your Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums to go up because, your vehicle safety rating will have been affected.

Most people typically comply with vehicle recall notices but in cases where someone is busy, it’s easy for a vehicle recall notice to be forgotten about in the mail, and to miss the appointment date at the car dealership to have the vehicle repaired so, if your vehicle was recalled recently, or its recalled in the future, you should handle the recall immediately if you wish to continue paying an affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance premium.

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