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Overpaying On Car Insurance? Here’s How To Save Money Today

When it comes to buying car insurance, especially Bend Oregon car insurance, many drivers are over-paying for car insurance every month, and they don’t even know it. For those drivers who know that they are overpaying and are tired of it, the time has come for them to find a more affordable car insurance policy.

How Much Car Insurance Does A Driver Really Need?

The first step towards getting an affordable car insurance policy is for a driver to determine how much car insurance they really need. Every driver should have at least $50,000 worth of bodily injury coverage, $100,000 to cover personal assets and $25,000 worth of coverage to cover any property damage that might occur during a car accident; this amount of coverage is also known as 50/100/25 in the car insurance world.

For those drivers who have new cars, full coverage car insurance may be required but for drivers who want Bend Oregon car insurance, they should consider getting a lower insurance premium because, paying for a full coverage car insurance policy generally isn’t worth the investment especially with an older vehicle.

Married? Don’t Hesitate To Talk About It

If you’re married or recently got married, don’t hesitate to tell your car insurance company about it because, once you get married, you’re entitled to a marriage discount and this can save the average driver at least $20 per month or more.

Don’t Cancel Before Your New Policy Begins

One of the most important mistakes that many people make before their new insurance policy begins is canceling their old policy, this is a big mistake because, you never want to be driving without proof of auto insurance. At the very least, before you cancel your old policy, make sure you can download an insurance card from the internet so that you have proof of car insurance, with your new car insurance company, before you cancel your old policy.

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