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Are You Overpaying For Your Central Oregon Car Insurance?

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By Tye Farnsworth

Are you overpaying for your Central Oregon Car Insurance?

Thanks to a recent study by NerdWallet we know that most people are overpaying for car insurance by as much as $368 each year.

Rates Comparison

What’s shocking about the NerdWallet study is that their findings revealed that car insurance premiums varied by as much as 154% per state.

For example: A healthy, 40 year old man, with no accidents or convictions was found to be paying an average of $1,145 each year for car insurance in California while the same man would be paying $1,661 for car insurance in Florida.

It Pays To Shop Around For Central Oregon Car Insurance

From these examples it’s clear that you can save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance by shopping around for the best rate quote.

When shopping for car insurance make sure you do the following:

  • Ask for a bundle rate quote.
  • Make sure your insurance office is located in your city or town.
  • Verify that your insurance policy will be active if you leave the state.

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance

To save money on your car insurance make sure you do the following:

  1. Drive fewer miles each year.
  2. Park your vehicle indoors or in a parking structure at night.
  3. Don’t lend your vehicle to any driver who isn’t on your policy.
  4. Ask for discounts including: good student and safe driver.
  5. Purchase a car alarm for your vehicle or protection device.
  6. Choose liability only car insurance if you’ve been paying full coverage for an older vehicle.

Get a Central Oregon Car Insurance Quote

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