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How To Keep Your Oregon Vehicle On The Road For 10 Years Or Longer

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It’s a lot easier to keep a new car on the road for 10 years or longer.

Do you plan on buying a new vehicle any time this year? If you’re an Oregon driver, and you want to get more out of the investment in your car or truck, this post will provide you with simple tips that will enable you to keep your vehicle on Oregon’s roads long after you’ve paid off your auto loan.

Purchase The Extended Warranty

You may not want to think about paying extra for your new Oregon car or truck but the reality is that if you purchase an extended warranty you will always be able to insure that your vehicle is in the best running condition.

Stay On Top Of Maintenance

Mechanics won’t tell you to change your vehicles oil every 3,000 miles because, they are lying to you, they urge Oregon Drivers to stay dedicated to changing the oil in their car or truck every 3,000 miles because, this will help to guarantee that the internal parts of a vehicle will continue to perform as efficiently as the day that the owner first drove their vehicle off the car lot.

Besides changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you should also change your vehicles other fluids at least once per year; those other fluids that you should change are: brake fluid, power steering fluid and transmission fluid.

Do Your Homework

You’ve done your homework when buying Oregon Car Insurance in the past but what about when it comes to buying an Oregon car or truck? A little advance research will save you thousands of dollars per year and the hassle of purchasing a vehicle that turns out to be a “lemon” or huge waste of money.

Drive A Little Slower

It may be tempting to drive 65 miles per hour when everyone else is driving 55 miles per hour but did you know that slowing down can actually save you money on gas every month and help your vehicle to last longer?

As you can see from the tips in this post, keeping a vehicle on the road for 10 years or longer is easy if you make changes in your habits and remember to do the “little things” over the course of a vehicles lifetime.

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