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Oregon Vehicle Maintenance Tips – How To Protect Your Vehicles Paint Job

central oregon car insuranceOregon residents who are interested in paying the most affordable Oregon Car Insurance rates are also typically people who are interested in taking care of their vehicles including taking care of the pain jobs on their cars or trucks but, sadly, this is sometimes easier said than done since due to busy lives it sometimes can be difficult to take car of a vehicle properly during the course of one week.

In this post we’re going to cover the most common threats to a vehicles paint job and how to protect that point job properly and not be faced with the prospect of spending thousands of dollars to repair it.

Oregon Wildfire Ash

Wildfires in Oregon are almost unavoidable and, if an Oregon Resident goes on a road trip this summer they will most likely drive through smoke and ash caused by a wildfire; when this happens the driver should take a hose and spray off the ash first before washing their vehicle and applying a new coat of wax because, wildfire ash can easily scratch a car or trucks paint job.

Oregon Tree Sap

Tree sap may be a common thing in many parts of Oregon, especially in the spring months but Oregon drivers should never let that sap stay on their vehicle more than a few minutes at a time because, tree sap is very corrosive and can easily damage a vehicles paint job very quickly.

When tree sap is found on a vehicle, the owner of that vehicle should wipe the tree sap off then thoroughly wash the area where the sap was wax the area where the sap fell.

Oregon Dirt

Oregonians who live in towns like Redmond or Bend Oregon are familiar with the dirt that can come from living in those areas and it’s not uncommon to see many dirty vehicles during the summer months and many times those vehicles will have the iconic words “wash me” on them.

Drivers who find writing on their dirty vehicles should immediately wash their cars or trucks because, thanks to the oils that are on fingers, the words “wash me” can stay on a vehicle long after it’s been washed.

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