Oregon State University Cascades

Oregon State University Cascades Expansion Soon to Become A Reality?

Oregon State University Cascades

Bend Oregon Residents have known for years that expanding the Oregon State University Cascades Campus by turning it into a new, four year university would eventually increase local tourism including pumping more money into the local economy.

Expansion Becoming A Reality

Thanks to the rebounding economy it looks like the expansion of Oregon State University Cascades is finally starting to gain momentum and we know that the University is hopeful that an upcoming expansion would provide space for 5,000 more students by 2025 at the latest.

In order for the expansion of Oregon State University Cascades to become a reality, the University will need close to $20 million dollars and it looks like OSU-Cascades  will get the expansion money that they need since it’s been included in Governor Kitzhaber’s upcoming budget.

The Right Thing For Bend

Nobody knows the importance of tourism in Bend Oregon better than CEO of Visit Bend, Doug Le Placa.

As Bend’s most well-known tourism agency, La Placa knows that more tourism would help Bend get back on track especially since the city was number three in Deschutes County for unemployment in 2012.

More college tourists visiting Bend would mean more money spent at local restaurants, hotels, shops and especially more money spent on housing by tourists who eventually decide to relocate to Bend for college, tourist jobs or more.

Bachelor’s Degree In Tourism?

Once tourism starts growing again in Bend, college officials are hopeful that more people will choose Oregon State University Cascades to get their bachelor’s degrees in tourism since the university has offered this degree since 2003.

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