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Oregon Safe Driving Tips

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Planning on taking a Central Oregon Road Trip this summer? As the weather warms up in cities like Bend, Prineville, Redmond and other well-known Central Oregon destinations, more drivers will plan on traveling to Central Oregon but, sadly, they will now be practicing safe driving tips.

Best Driving Tip – Don’t Drive Drowsy

The best tip for driving that everyone has heard at one point or another is to not drive drowsy but this is easier said than done, especially in this day and age when the average Oregon Driver is working in more than one job.

To avoid driving drowsy, especially while on a Central Oregon Road Trip, every driver should take the time to get good nights sleep, the night before driving and if drowsiness sets in while on the road, the driver should take the time to pull over at a Oregon Rest Stop and take a nap.

Don’t Drive While Angry

Before driving anywhere in a vehicle, always evaluate your feelings and ask yourself if you’re ready to drive, if you’re not capable of driving because you’re angry or because of an emotional problem, you should always take the time to relax and wait to drive until you’re emotionally ready to get behind the wheel.

Stop Texting While Driving

The next safe driving tip is to stop texting while driving. Almost every driver with a smart phone texts and uses their phone while driving and not only is this a crime in Oregon, its also very unsafe. The solution to the texting problem is to utilize a speech-to-text program or to wear an ear bud while driving, to be as hands free from the phone a possible.

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