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Oregon Renters Insurance – Don’t Rent A Home Without It

Auto insurance, or Central Oregon car insurance, is something that every driver must have because, we all know that it’s the best form of protection for any driver who regularly drives on the roads of Oregon, but what about renters insurance? Since the start of the economic recession many people who live in Central Oregon have found themselves renting again for the first time, in a long time, and renters insurance is an essential form of insurance protection regardless if someone is renting a Bend Oregon apartment, or Sunriver condo.

How Much Renters Insurance Do You Really Need?

One of the most common mistakes that many people who rent homes, apartments or condos in Central Oregon make is having renters insurance that doesn’t cover all of the items in their home. Before signing up for a new renters insurance policy, every renter should take an inventory of all the items in their home, including the items in their basement, garage or attic then add up the total value of those items and then once the value of the total possessions in the home are added up the next step should be to photograph each item before applying for a new renters insurance policy.

The key to success with determining how much renters insurance a renter really needs is to determine the replacement value of each item an the total replacement value of all the items in the home as a whole plus factor in the economic value of pain and suffering or time spent replacing those items.

Discounts Galore

Before signing up for a new Oregon renters insurance policy, every person who rents a home in Oregon should contact their existing Oregon car insurance company and ask for a bundle discount for combining their renters insurance with auto insurance because, many insurance companies these days will offer a bundle rate that can save their customers $30 or more per month.

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