Oregon Gas Prices Continue To Fall Statewide

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In case you haven’t noticed it, gasoline prices have continued to fall and are averaging between $3.10 and $3.40 per gallon across Oregon.

Every driver who has Central Oregon car insurance, is enjoying a savings at the pump, which can amount to an average of $20 or more (depending on the vehicle) since gas prices started falling a couple of months ago.

No Longer an Expensive State To Buy Gasoline

Over the last six months anyone who has taken a road trip through Oregon has commented on the high price of gasoline in the state, especially when gas prices averaged $3.48 per gallon, just for regular, 87 octane gasoline.

Even during the last week of summer gas prices were still more expensive than what the rest of the country was paying for gasoline but over the last few weeks gas prices have changed in Oregon.

In spite of Oregon residents woes at the gas pump, California still continues to remain one of the most expensive states to buy gasoline where the average price to fill up with a tank of 87 octane gasoline costs up to $3.70 or more in most cities.

What To Expect In 2013

Oregon drivers can control the price that they pay for their car insurance, especially if they have an insurance agent in Bend or other towns around Oregon but gasoline prices can’t be controlled.

As we move forward into 2013 economists are predicting that gasoline prices could rise once again since a strong economy means that more consumers and businesses will need more fuel to keep it going but, with the looming “fiscal cliff” coming up in January, it remains to be seen if the economy will continue to grow or if that growth will slow down.

In the meantime, drivers in Central Oregon and across the state can help lower their own need for fuel by: keeping up the maintenance on their vehicle, driving slower and making sure that they continue to keep good tread on their vehicles tires.

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