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Oregon Fire News – Officials Expect More Fires Due To Lightening

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Oregon – August is typically one of the hottest months in Oregon and this year is proving to be the hottest in years. As a result there have been more wild fires across Oregon and what’s worse is that Washington has been hit with wild fires as well thanks to over 1,000 lightning strikes in the last 24 hours alone and the lightening isn’t finished yet according to meteorologists who predict more strikes for Friday.

Fire Fighters Ready

Oregon and Washington’s fire fighters are ready for an onslaught of fires that lightening is expected to bring to both states and so are officials like Jeree Mills, Northwest Interagency Coordination Center Spokeswoman who said that “fires could be popping up all day on Friday” and both Washington and Oregon are mobilized for the worst.

Fires Across Oregon

Fire season really hasn’t stopped in Oregon as it seems like there have been fires almost everywhere since the weather has warmed up but August could prove to be the most dangerous month for Oregon especially since the last 24 hours has brought close to 70 fires in Oregon and more are expected by Friday.

Bad Air Quality

On the “cooler” days that we’ve had lately it seems like the cool weather and winds have been a mixed blessing because, they’ve carried the smoke and ash from fire across the state, especially all the way to Bend where it’s been difficult to have a day that wasn’t marred by poor air quality.

Oregon parents should check air quality reports online at least once a day before letting their children play outside because; until these die down we can expect more of the same over the next week or longer.

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