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Oregon DMV Insurance Requirements

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Contrary to public opinion, driving without car insurance is not a simple thing; you can face the possibility of heavy fines, having your vehicle towed and loosing your driving privileges for three months, or longer, so making the decision to drive without Oregon Car Insurance doesn’t make sense when faced with all of the possible implications that come from not having it.

What Happens If You Get Into A Car Accident?

If you drive without car insurance, and you get into an Oregon Car Accident, you face the possibility of having your drivers license suspended for one year or longer plus heavy financial consequences from the accident like: paying for damage to the other vehicle and potential pain or suffering that the other driver experienced as a part of the car accident.

Drivers License Suspension

Oregon drivers, who have had their drivers licenses suspended, but were fortunate enough to have them renewed, will be required by the DMV to provide an SR-22 form or proof of future responsibility, if they want to be able to drive legally on the roads of Oregon, like before.

How Does The Oregon DMV Verify Car Insurance?

On a monthly basis, the Oregon DMV randomly selects vehicles and then contacts those owners via mail with a request to have them verify their proof of insurance by providing the DMV with a insurance policy number and also the name of their car insurance company.

Drivers who do not supply this information to the DMV within the specified period of time will face the possibility of having their driving privileges suspended.

All Oregon drivers are required to show proof of Oregon car insurance or face the possibility of stiff penalties that may impact their future.

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