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Got Oregon Car Insurance? Be Thankful You Don’t Live In Detroit Michigan

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Oregon Car Insurance Agents enjoy passing on the best car insurance savings to their clients and Oregon Residents pay lower car insurance rates compared to other cities across the United States including Detroit Michigan.

100 years ago Detroit Michigan was once one of the most successful industrial cities in the United States and now it sits in ruins thanks to a variety of reasons including: the recent crash of the auto market.

A Shocking Car Insurance Increase

For people who live in Detroit it’s not uncommon to pay double for car insurance, compared to what they would pay if they lives in just the outskirts of Detroit Michigan; one person who recently was hit with a huge car insurance increase is Mike Duggan, a mayoral candidate who now faces the harsh reality of living within Detroit’s city limits.

Duggan used to pay only $3,000 per year, to insure three vehicles, but since moving into Detroit his car insurance premium rose and he now pays $6,000 per year just for car insurance alone; many Oregon Car Insurance Agents, and insurance professionals across the United States call this the Detroit Insurance Tax.

Sad But True Car Insurance

Mike Duggan’s story is not uncommon, residents of cities like Miami Florida, Los Angles, California and Dallas Texas have reported similar stories and there’s really not much anyone can do in those areas to lower their car insurance costs unless the decide to move away from the big cities.

For Oregon residents, it’s a lot easier to find affordable Oregon Car Insurance and there are many things any Oregonian can do to lower their car insurance premiums including: taking a safe driving class, getting good grades in school, bundling car insurance with other insurance polices and getting car insurance with a higher deductible.

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