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What Should I Look For In An Oregon Car Insurance Agent?

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“What should I look for in a Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent?” If you’re like most people in Central Oregon, this is something that is on the mind of drivers right now since the average person typically evaluates their car insurance policies at the end of the year to make sure that they are saving money and have the best policies for themselves or their families.

In today’s post were going to cover the top five things you should be looking for in a Oregon Car Insurance agent just so you can be better prepared if you decide to start searching for a new car insurance policy.

Social Proof

The first thing to look for when asking the question “What should I look for in a Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent?” is to see if the agent has plenty of feedback online for their business. If you can’t find feedback for them on the internet then this will tell you that they either are a new to their business or they have something to hide.

When you find a business that has good online feedback you should make sure that they have good comments from actual people, these comments should come through 3rd party social media accounts like: Facebook and Google+ just so you know that you’re dealing with comments from real, not fake people.

Physical Address

Is the Oregon Car Insurance Agent located in Oregon? Can you drive to their office and meet with them personally? This step is important because, in times where you need to communicate with your car insurance agent it always helps to have someone in the local area that you can call and meet with in person to have your questions answered.


Last of all, but most important, can you get the best pricing possible from your car insurance agent?

Will they offer you a bundled car insurance discount if you have more than one policy with their company?

Asking for discounts is a key part of saving money on car insurance especially if you can get discounts for being a good driver, good student, senior citizen or safe driver; these are all important requests to make for anyone who asks the question “What should I look for in a Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent?”

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