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Oregon Car Accident News – What Happens If You Hit A Farm Animal?

central oregon farm
Live near an Oregon Farm? Here’s what to do if you hit a farm animal with your vehicle.

If you live anywhere in Oregon, there’s a good chance that you are only a few minutes away from a farm and potentially encountering one or more farm animals as you drive on the roads near your home, but what happens if you hit a farm animal?

Does your car insurance cover you?

The answer to this question is yes, and you will have to contact your car insurance company to file a claim.

Make sure you have comprehensive car insurance; this form of insurance is important because, comprehensive car insurance will cover your vehicle if you are in a car accident involving a dog, deer, horse, bird, elk or cow compared to liability only insurance which will not cover you at all.

Initially you may be required to pay a deductible to get your vehicle fixed but, if the owner of the farm animal is found to be liable, you may be able to recover your deductible cost later on.

Every State Is Different

Each state has their own negligence laws regarding farm animals so; you may or may not be at fault depending on the accident you were involved in.

In 2013 some states still have laws that allow for free range while others have changed their laws involving farm animals thanks to the large amount of traffic on roads in rural areas in this day and age; to learn more about the laws involving farm animals in Oregon contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling (541) 318-8835 or click here for an online insurance quote. 

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