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Oregon Is Most Affordable State To Own A Vehicle

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Oregon – Thanks to a recent study by we know that Oregon is now considered to be the cheapest or (most affordable) state to own a vehicle in the United States with an average cost of $2,204 per year and that’s well below the national average of $3,201.

Oregon Affordability

For those drivers in the state that have Oregon Car Insurance we have many reasons for lower driving costs compared to the rest of the nation including: no sales tax, low car insurance premiums and also the fact that Oregon Residents drive close to 20% fewer miles compared to the rest of the country.

Most Expensive State to Own a Vehicle

On the “flipside” the most expensive state to own a vehicle is Georgia where the average driver can expect to pay over $4,000 per year to operate their vehicle

Some of the causes for the high cost of operating a motor vehicle in Georgia can be attributed to: longer commutes than the national average and lack of public transportation to name a few. came up with their statistics based on median insurance premiums per state, average vehicle repair costs and gasoline cost.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Expenses Low

Some of the easiest ways Oregon drivers can keep their costs low when it comes to their vehicles is by following basic vehicle maintenance like: yearly tune ups, oil changes every 3,000 miles, rotating tires every 6 months, changing out the fuel and air filters at least once per year and checking an engine at least once a month for wear and tear to an engine’s belts and other parts within the engine.

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