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Older Driver? Here’s How To Save Money On Central Oregon Car Insurance

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If you’re an older driver, and you have Central Oregon Car Insurance, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars per year off your current Car Insurance Payments, simply by contacting your car insurance company and letting them know that you’ve made changes in your lifestyle, as you’ve grown older, including the following:

Driving Fewer Miles Per Year

Although you might not be planning on retiring soon, when you do retire you should contact your Central Oregon Car Insurance Agent to let them know that you plan on driving fewer miles per year especially since the average retiree will drive between 4,000 to 5,000 miles less per year once they finally do retire.

Moving To A Different Neighborhood

One important factor that does raise Central Oregon Car Insurance rates is the zip code for where you live, especially the type of home that you’re moving to. If you plan on moving out to a more rural part of Central Oregon like: Prineville or Powell Butte, you should let your car insurance agent know because, that move can easily save you hundreds of dollars per year, especially if you move to a home with a garage that you can park your vehicle in at night.

Your Family Status Changed

Most couples don’t want to think about the day when their adult children move out or if one spouse dies, but if changes in your family unit come, you shouldn’t hesitate to inform your Central Oregon Car Insurance company because, changes in your family structure also mean changes in your driving habits and this means that you will be paying less for car insurance than you did the year before.

For more tips on how to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance, or to get an affordable car insurance quote, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling us at (541) 318-8835.

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