non-owners car insurance

Non-Owners Car Insurance – What Is It?

Do you live in Central Oregon, but you don’t own a vehicle, and yet you find yourself driving from time to time? Many people make the mistake of driving without car insurance during times like that when the easy solution to the problem is to invest in a non-owners car insurance policy.

How Does It Work?

This form of car insurance is perfect for the Oregonian who can be considered a “high risk” driver, and must have insurance in order to keep their drivers license, even if they don’t drive often.

Non-owners car insurance is also perfect for drivers who rent vehicles or drive a vehicle that’s owned by another driver from time to time.

Non-Owners Car Insurance Pricing

This form of car insurance is affordable and costs around $300 dollars annually; it’s so affordable because, a car insurance company has less risk compared to drivers who are on the road daily, but, pricing could also vary depending on a variety of factors including: where you live in Central Oregon, your age, and driving history.

What Do You Need To Qualify?

To  qualify for non-owners car insurance you should now own a car or truck, have a valid Oregon drivers license and also supply proof that one of your family members or a friend owns a vehicle that’s licensed in Oregon.

Besides the obvious benefits of having this form of Central Oregon Car Insurance you should also invest in this policy because it will offer you more insurance protection, especially if you’re traveling, get into an accident and your credit card will only cover a small percentage of repair costs to the vehicle that you are responsible for damaging.

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