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New Auto Insurance Laws Expected To Come In 2013

central oregon car insurance

2013 will be bring many changes to the auto insurance, industry across the United States, especially in Ohio where a brand new auto insurance law was recently approved by state lawmakers that will raise the minimum amount of insurance that drivers must have to $25,000 from the current $7,500.

Why Are Auto Insurance Requirements Changing?

Auto insurance requirements are changing in almost every state like Ohio because of one main reason: cost, it’s getting more expensive to repair vehicles every single year since cars and trucks aren’t made like they were 20 or 30 years ago when it was easier to make a repair to a vehicle after it was in a car accident.

When a vehicle gets into an accident these days, the repair costs usually range in the thousands of dollars, and the average driver in Central Oregon, or other states typically only has a minimum amount of auto insurance to cover the repairs that they need made to their vehicle.

Thinking About Driving Without Insurance?

One of the sad facts of life when it comes to auto insurance is that there still are many drivers who will be tempted to drive uninsured because, they feel that they can save money simply by driving without car insurance.

Central Oregon car insurance is essential for drivers in this area; if a driver is stopped by a Highway Patrol Officer they will be required to present a valid Oregon drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of auto insurance.

If the driver cannot present proof of insurance they face the prospect of having their vehicle impounded, receiving a ticket or both.

Besides the tickets and fines that can come by driving uninsured, drivers who venture onto the roads of Central Oregon without insurance are literally “playing with fire” by driving uninsured because, one auto accident can cost a driver up to $20,000 in damages, medical bills, loss of wages etc, so it’s always better to have auto insurance than to drive without it.

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