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Mountain Biking Brings Over $3 Million Dollars Per Year To Local Economies In Oregon

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Five years ago one of the primary products of Oregon’s economy was logging and there were many proud people who worked in the lumber industry across the state but once the economic recession began to grip Oregon, the forestry industry dried up, and those people who worked in jobs like logging were left high and dry; with the decline in the lumber industry, towns like Madras, Bend and Oakridge were left scrambling, looking for the next big thing but they didn’t realize that the next big thing was right under their noses.

Welcome Mountain Biking

Anyone who lives in Bend or other popular mountain biking destinations across Oregon is familiar with mountain bikers because, it’s not hard to see them on the roads all year long but, what the average Oregon resident doesn’t know is that mountain biking brings huge revenue to local communities and we know this due to recent research by professor Jeff McNamee of Linfield College who after attending a variety of mountain biking events across the state was able to provide documented proof that mountain biking and related events brings around $3 million per year to local communities like Bend.

Recent Mountain Biking Events

At a recent mountain biking event in Oakridge, a town that’s within driving distance of Eugene, and has just 3,000 residents, over $1 million dollars in revenue was brought in from tourists who did things like: eat at local restaurants, stay in hotels/motels, bought gas and shopped in local stores.

Thanks to the boom in mountain biking across Oregon more towns are starting to cater to mountain bikers and have events throughout the year and whats’s awesome about mountain biking is that it is also a “gateway” activity that brings in even more tourist dollars because, mountain bikers often come back to town for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing and other events that are well-known across Oregon.

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