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Monthly Vs. Annual Car Insurance Payment – Which One Is Better?

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Monthly vs. annual car insurance payment; this debate has been continuing with Oregon drivers for years who have been interested in saving money on car insurance but the main question that most drivers never seem to be able to answer is just how much money can be saved by paying an Oregon Car Insurance Premium once or twice per year, compared to once a month.

In this post we will break down the pro’s and cons of annual vs. monthly car insurance payments to help you, the Oregon Driver, make an informed decision on when you should be making your car insurance payment.

It’s All About The Cost

Times are tough in 2013, we have rising gas prices, higher health insurance costs and a overall rise in cost of living that hasn’t been seen before but the question that should be asked when considering paying a car insurance premium monthly vs. annually is how much money can you really save.

Depending on the car insurance company that you choose, the average savings amounts to $50 per month and this can add up to $600 or more per year; that’s not a bad savings no matter if you live in Bend, Prineville or Redmond Oregon.

Analyze Your Situation

The only person who knows if it’s the right decision to pay your Oregon car insurance premium monthly vs. annually is you.

If you can afford to pay $500 or more for a yearly premium, one time, then you should do it because, this move will save you up to $600 or more per year but, if you’re accustomed to paying your Oregon car insurance premium every month, with your other insurance premiums, then you should continue on paying your bills in the manner that you’re accustomed to.

To learn more about monthly vs. annual car insurance payments or to get an affordable Oregon Car Insurance Quote, contact Bend Oregon Insurance Agent Tye Farnsworth today by calling (541) 318-8835.

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