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How much money will you save by bundling your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy?

Tye Farnsworth Allstate Insurance Agency

By Tye Farnsworth

Does it really pay to bundle your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy with your life insurance, homeowners or other insurance policies? Find out here

Thanks to recent data by insurancequotes.com we know that drivers in South Dakota who recently purchased both car insurance and homeowners insurance from one insurance company saved an average of $242 dollars per year.

Varies by state

What’s interesting about the insurancequotes.com data is that it varies by state how much money drivers save by bundling their car insurance premiums with their other insurance policies.

1. Louisiana – $505 savings
2. Oklahoma – $468 savings
3. Texas – $435 savings
4. Mississippi – $422 savings
5. Missouri – $366 savings

Overall drivers are saving about $270 per year or at least 15% when they bundle their car insurance with their home owner’s insurance policies with the same company.

Nationwide the average discount is 11 percent when a driver combines their car insurance policy with their condo insurance policy while drivers who rent and have car insurance are saving just 8 percent when they bundle both policies together.

More ways to save money on car insurance

Besides bundling there are a wide variety of other ways that drivers can save money on their car insurance policies including: asking for discounts like safe driver or good student, parking indoors at night, driving fewer miles per year and maintaining good credit.

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