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Missing Life Insurance Policy – Where To Look For Policy Information After A Loved One Has Died

One of the hardest parts of life is losing a loved one; this is something that nobody can be prepared for and there isn’t a “handbook” or guide to handle grief because, everyone deals with grief in their own way.

What makes the sudden loss of a loved one even harder is if they had a life insurance policy, and nobody can find their life insurance paperwork, after they’ve passed away. If you or someone that you love has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one and their life insurance policy information can’t be found, this post will provide you with tips on how to track down your loved one’s life insurance policy information.

Get Ready To Do Some Sleuthing

Finding a loved one’s life insurance policy should first start by going through their bank account statements because, on an old bank account statement there will most likely be a record of a check payment or debit that was made to the life insurance company and once you have the name of that company, you can then call them to file a claim.

Where Else To Look For Life Insurance

Besides looking for information on the life insurance premium information that your loved one left behind, you should also contact all other insurance companies that they had insurance with for car insurance, accident insurance, homeowners insurance etc. because, many times, an insurance company will offer a special bundled rate and it’s easy for a typical insurance consumer to add life insurance with their other policies and then forget about it.

Another place to look for a life insurance policy is to contact the employer of your loved one, if they were working at the time of their death; this step is important because, many companies offer their employees life insurance as an extra, no cost, benefit.

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