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Minnesota Homeowners Experience Huge Increases In Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Homeowners in states that have been hit hard by recent storms have been seeing a big increase in their homeowners insurance premiums but one state has gotten hit really hard recently: Minnesota, where consumers have been subject to big time sticker shock after they saw their recent homeowners insurance premiums and these increases have sent consumers to the internet searching for more affordable homeowners insurance premiums.

Average Increases This Year

In Minnesota the average increase for a homeowners insurance policy there is up to 12 percent and this is up from the eight percent increase that Minnesota homeowners experienced last year. What do these increases amount to per year? $300 and there’s nothing much that Minnesota homeowners can do other than search online or contact their local insurance broker for more affordable home insurance policies.

“I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”

The Minnesota weather has been crazy recently as tornados, wind storms and other bizarre weather patterns have left Minnesota homeowners with the most damages they’ve experienced since 1998.

Insurance agents who specialize in car insurance and homeowners insurance like Roberta Gibbons are alarmed at the level of increases in homeowner’s insurance premiums that have been hitting Minnesota homeowners; Mrs. Gibbons, an independent agent with a local insurance agency in Minnesota recently remarked that she had never seen like the increases that have recently been hitting all Minnesota homeowners

Besides the recent storms that have been driving up homeowners insurance premiums, other factors have been driving up rates as well like the rise in building materials which always makes rebuilding a home that suffered storm damage, more expensive to repair.

Can The Increases Be Stopped?

Until Minnesota makes it through the spate of bad weather that’s been hitting the state, homeowners there can continue to experience increases in their homeowners insurance policies but thankfully, homeowner insurance premiums are not that expensive in Oregon.

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