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Michigan Finally Doing Something About Their Car Insurance Problem

Central Oregon Car Insurance

There’s no denying that we have affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums here, and more importantly the freedom to choose an affordable car insurance policy with another company to save money, but in Michigan residents there haven’t been so fortunate.

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In Michigan?

Car insurance has been super expensive, and almost not affordable, for drivers there for a long time, thanks to their well-known unlimited medical benefits that cover all catastrophic injuries and also any costs for rehabilitation after someone gets into a car accident.

Average Costs

Unlimited medical benefits cost Michigan drivers only $186 per year but that’s placed a heavy burden on all drivers there over the years, ultimately rising car insurance premiums, and making it almost unaffordable to be an insured driver in Michigan.

Doing Something about the Problem

Thankfully politicians in Michigan are doing something about this problem by proposing a variety of new insurance options like a policy that would pay $10 million in personal protection or another policy that would pay lower income drivers close to $50,000 for their medical expenses.

Easy To Save Money on Car Insurance in Central Oregon

Here in Oregon we don’t have to worry about paying too much for Central Oregon Car Insurance, we can save money on car insurance simply by doing the following:

  • Carpool – You can save hundreds of dollars per year simply by carpooling or driving fewer miles each year.
  • Protect Your Vehicle – It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is, if you purchase a car alarm or vehicle protection system you can save money on car insurance simply by taking the right step to protecting your car or truck.
  • Bundle – Last of all, but most important, you can save money on car insurance every year by bundling your car insurance premium with your other forms of insurance like homeowners or life insurance.

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