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Miami Lakes Seeks Its Own Zip Code to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

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Will Its Own Zip Code Save Miami Lakes Drivers Money?

Drivers in this part of Oregon have been fortunate to be able to have low Central Oregon Car Insurance rates for years but that hasn’t always been the case in other states, especially in Florida where millions of drivers have been paying high premiums for years but, thankfully, Miami Lakes, is doing something about that by setting up its own zip code.

Does A Zip Code Really Matter?

Yes, a zip code does really matter when it comes to Central Oregon Car Insurance or the car insurance premium that you may pay anywhere else in the United States.

The town of Miami Lakes knows this and has been aggressively trying to get the United States Postal Service to establish a zip code for them but as of January 20th 2014 they have been unsuccessful because, the USPS has claimed that establishing a zip code for Miami Lakes would be too expensive when it comes to hiring the staff needed to create and maintain a new zip code.

Why Zip Codes Are Important When It Comes To Car Insurance

Your zip code is important when it comes to your Central Oregon Car Insurance because, a car insurance company’s computer can determine the crime rate in your town based on your zip code alone and then factor in what your monthly car insurance premium is going to be.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

In today’s world it’s not uncommon for some people have all of their mail from their car insurance company forwarded to another address because, they want to enjoy the savings of making their car insurance company think that they live in a low crime zip code but you don’t have to use another mailing address to save money on car insurance, you can save money in as little as three easy steps:

  1. Bundle your insurance policies together. Depending on your insurance company you may qualify for a special “bundle rate” by moving all of your insurance policies to the same company.
  2. Ask for discounts. If you’re a safe driver or good student don’t hesitate to ask for discounts because, they can save you hundreds per year in car insurance payments.
  3. Drive less miles per year. Depending on where you live in Central Oregon, you can save money on car insurance by driving less miles per year because, you will be commuting less in your vehicle and statistically be less likely to get into a car accident compared to the individual who is driving the most miles per year.

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