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Just Married? Don’t Forget To Tell Your Car Insurance Company

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Learn More about Why Marriage Saves You Money on Your Central Oregon Car Insurance

By Tye Farnsworth

June is one of the most popular months to get married every year and many people who get married often forget to notify their Central Oregon Car Insurance company about the change in their marital status.

Why You Should Contact Your Car Insurance Company

According to a recent report by spousal privilege is responsible for discounts of up to 22 percent for both men and women in their 20’s after they get married and saving money is important after you get married especially if you want to buy your first home.

More Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Besides saving money on Central Oregon Car Insurance after you get married you can save money on your monthly car insurance premium by doing the following:

• Drive less, carpool more – Although driving fewer miles per year might seem like something that’s less than “ideal”, driving fewer miles can lower your monthly car insurance premium, save you money on gasoline and also maintenance on your vehicle.
• Bundle your premiums – This is another huge way to save money on car insurance. Bundling your premiums together can save you hundreds per year.
• Maintain good credit – Besides being an important part of life, maintaining good credit is also important because, most car insurance companies look at a drivers credit score when they are factoring their car insurance premium.
• Continue driving safely – Driving safely is important as a matter of principle and it’s also something that’s vital for keeping Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums low since save driving can mean a savings of 20% or more for any driver who hasn’t had any accidents.

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