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Major Problems Plaguing The Insurance Industry – Is Anyone Listening?

Bad customer service: it’s something that plagues the insurance industry and it’s only getting worse thanks to all major insurance companies focusing on turning into online companies, it’s getting harder and harder for the average person to get a hold of an actual insurance agent to help them solve their insurance problem

Can I speak With A Human Being Please?

These days, most major insurance agencies have 1-800 customer support lines for their customers to call and get their problems solved, these 1-800 numbers are great, if you can actually get a hold of a trained insurance agent. After calling the typical insurance company, the customer will spend at least 10 minutes getting routed from one extension to another until they ultimately give up and quit trying to contact an insurance agent just out of pure frustration.

Besides the inability to speak with a live agent over the phone, another thing that plagues most insurance companies in this day and age is poor online support; although the insurance agency will have a “contact us” form on their website, that doesn’t always mean that the customer will be contacted by the insurance company and the car insurance customer will have to submit their question online, multiple times, until they get a response from a live person.

The last major problem that the top insurance companies of this day and age, like Geico are dealing with is lack of a physical presence in the community; average insurance consumers can’t talk with a live agent, face to face, like their parents or grandparents used to be able to, when they need to add more insurance or solve an insurance problem, they are left fending for themselves either online or using their insurance agency’s 1-800 number to contact a live person.

The Solution To The Problem

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