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Louisville Kentucky Ranks among the Highest In Country for Car Insurance Costs

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Drivers here who have Central Oregon Car Insurance can be thankful that they don’t live in Louisville, Kentucky because,  according to a recent survey from Nerd Wallet, we know that Louisville has what can be considered the highest car insurance premiums in the United States.

Why Are Their Rates So High?

Louisville Kentucky has the 8th highest auto insurance premiums in the United Sates due to what many insurance industry experts believe to be an abuse of their “no-fault system” which covers the first $10,000 of a person’s medical bills after their were involved in a car accident, regardless if they were at fault or not.

Although their no-fault system was something that had good intentions behind it when it was first started, it’s been abused over the years and now safe drivers have to pay huge premiums for their car insurance each month or face the decision of moving to other stats like Indiana to get more affordable car insurance premiums.

How Can Drivers Save Money on Car Insurance

Thankfully drivers here don’t have to pay high Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums because; they can save money on car insurance simply by doing the following:

  • Drive Safely.
  • Ask for discounts like good student and safe driver.
  • Drive less miles per year.
  • Carpool more.
  • Park indoors or under a parking structure at night.
  • Bundle your car insurance policy with other insurance premiums.

Thankfully Central Oregon drivers don’t have to pay high car insurance premiums like drivers in Louisville or Detroit and we can actually do something about high car insurance premiums simply by taking a few steps ourselves to save money on our car insurance policies.

Change Car Insurance Carriers

If you’re interested in saving money on car insurance and have tried all of the above tips but are still paying a high car insurance premium you can save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance by changing your car insurance carrier or calling us for a free car insurance quote at (541) 318-8835.

My name is Tye Farnsworth, thank you for reading this bio! I was born and raised in Central Oregon. For an affordable insurance quote please contact me at (541) 318-8835 or connect with me online.