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Louisiana Drivers Are Paying The Highest Car Insurance Premiums In United States

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Yikes! Is the word that many Louisiana drivers have uttered recently after they opened their car insurance bills and realized that their car insurance premiums have gone up.

Thanks to a recent report by we know that the average car insurance rate in Louisiana is now $2,699 per year and the runners up for the highest car insurance premiums in the United States are Michigan ($2,520 per year) and the great state of Georgia ($2,155 per year).

What’s The Nationwide Car Insurance Average?

Across the United States, the average driver is paying $1,500 per year for car insurance and there’s little information as to what’s causing the increase in car insurance premiums that Louisiana drivers are paying other than: more insurance companies competing for business in Louisiana, poor driving conditions and the amount of uninsured drivers in the state.

Hurricanes To Blame?

One of the downsides of living in Louisiana is the hurricanes of course and Louisiana drivers have had their fair share of disasters to deal with over recent years and this has only driven up the cost of car insurance across the state since more people are filing car insurance claims every year.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Car Insurance Low?

Thankfully, in Oregon, we still are fortunate enough to have low car insurance rates and there are a variety of things that any Oregon driver can do to lower and keep their car insurance premiums low, including the following:

  • Drive fewer miles per year
  • Park in a garage at night or parking structure
  • Protect your vehicle by investing in a vehicle alarm system or something similar
  • Bundle your car insurance with your other insurance plans like: life insurance, homeowners insurance etc.
  • Don’t hesitate to look for car insurance quotes at least every 6 months to one year

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