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Should You Loan Your Vehicle To Someone Else?

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Do you have friends or family members that ask you a regular basis if they can borrow your vehicle? You might want to think twice before the next time you decide to loan your vehicle to another driver because, auto insurance on the vehicle always follows the vehicle, and not the person who’s driving it.

Playing With Fire

Letting someone drive your car or truck is almost like playing with fire because, if the driver is found to be involved in a motor vehicle accident in your vehicle, you still will be responsible for paying for any damages that are the result of that accident including the Central Oregon Car Insurance deductible.

You Can Have Complete Confidence

Most car insurance companies will provide coverage for any driver of the vehicle, as long as the vehicle’s owner gives the driver permission but, if you have a friend or family member who borrows your vehicle on a regular basis, it’s always wise to add them to your policy because, if by chance they are involved in a car accident, you can have complete confidence that your central Oregon car insurance will cover them no matter where the accident occurs, or who is at fault.

What to Do Before Loaning a Vehicle

Besides making sure that all other drivers of your vehicle are covered by your insurance policy, it’s important to ensure that anyone who borrows your vehicle is aware of where all of your important insurance documents are before the get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

You should also make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right things just in case the driver of your vehicle is involved in a car accident. Your vehicle should have at all times: a writing tablet, pencil or pen, disposable camera or cell phone, flashlight, list of important phone numbers, and addresses just in case the driver of the vehicle is involved in a car accident and immediate friends or family members must be called if the driver is unable to speak for themselves.

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