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If you’ve been thinking about relocating to Bend Oregon you will most likely be interested in the city that you will be calling home in the future.

Over the last five years Bend has developed into one of Central Oregon’s largest cities and is the County Seat for Deschutes County. Our city currently has over 80,000 residents and that number is growing every single year thanks to our ever growing tourism industry as well as our great business community and so much more.

A Humble Start

Bend Oregon’s name comes from the name “Farewell Bend”, a designation that was used by pioneers and settlers back in the early 1800’s who were settling here since the location of the future town of Bend Oregon was one of the few points along the Deschutes River that could be considered to be fordable.

Even though Bend’s history dates back to 1824, it actually goes back a lot farther than that since Indians were known to hunt and fish in this area for at least 10,000 years, or more, before Bend became a reality to developers who saw this part of Central Oregon as an ideal location for them to build a town.

Bend Gets Off The Ground

From the 1820’s to 1900 Bend Oregon, or Farewell Bend as it was known, continued to exist as a small settlement until the Pilot Butte Development Company started the first sawmill in Farewell Bend and once the mill got started more people began to relocate here.

By 1904 there were over 300 residents and the Town of Farewell Bend incorporated and ultimately changed the name of the town to Bend, the name that we know and love to this day.

By 1910 our beloved Mirror Pond was created and eventually Mirror Pond Dam,  hundreds of households were able to enjoy the benefit of electricity, and ever since then Bend has continued to be a town that’s progressive in it’s values, pro-business and one of the safest towns in Oregon to raise a family.

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