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Does your job affect your car insurance rate?

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Does your job affect your car insurance rate? The reality is that we all don’t want to think about this question but the answer is yes.

In this post were going to cover what are the top professions whose drivers are billed at higher car insurance rates versus very surprising professions whose drivers are billed at lower car insurance rates.

Low Risk Professions

Some of the low risk professions across the country are: teachers, engineers, unemployed people, pilots, work from home professionals and scientists; the people who work in these professions typically pay low car insurance premiums because, Central Oregon Car Insurance companies figure that these drivers are going to make calculated decisions and be the safest drivers on the roads.

High Risk Professions

People who pay higher than average Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums are: CEO’s, doctors, judges, students, journalists and sales professionals.

Why are these professions considered high risk?

People who work in these jobs typically drive from one location to another and they are also prone to higher stress, sleep deprivation or worse.

What to Do If You Can’t Change Your Job

You can’t always change your job but, you can do simple things to lower your car insurance premium including the following:

  • Carpool More – By carpooling at least once a week, or more, drivers will lower the miles on their vehicles, decrease wear and tear, but most importantly of all, lower their car insurance premiums because, they will be driving fewer miles per year.
  • Don’t Hop Between Car Insurance Companies – Many people typically make the mistake of hopping from one car insurance company to another one because, they will save a few dollars per month but, this strategy will ultimately backfire because, most car insurance companies lower premiums for their drivers if they have confidence that a driver will stay with their Central Oregon Car Insurance company for one year or longer.

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