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New Jersey Drivers Paying Highest Car Insurance Premiums in United States

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Drivers in this area who have Central Oregon Car Insurance have it easy compared to New Jersey residents, who have some of the highest costs in the United States, including paying the most expensive car insurance premiums after they have accidents. Thanks to a recent report from we know that New Jersey drivers will pay close to 60 percent more for their car insurance premiums, after they report one claim, compared to the rest of the country, where the average driver will pay close to 40 percent more for their car insurance premiums, after reporting a claim.

Why Are Their Rates So High?

Thankfully, Central Oregon Car Insurance continues to remain affordable for drivers here but when asked if there was anything in particular that was driving up the car insurance costs for New Jersey drivers, the senior analyst for said: “New Jersey is certainly above the average,”. “It’s hard to pinpoint one particular reason why one state has higher rates than another. Insurance is regulated at the state level. Those individual laws give insurers the leeway in how they can apply claims according to a driver’s history. Some will charge more and some will charge less”.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance In 2014

Anyone who has Central Oregon Car Insurance, or car insurance in New Jersey, can save money on their car insurance premium in 2014 by doing the following:

  • Bundle Car Insurance Premiums.
  • Drive Fewer Miles in 2014 Compared To 2013.
  • Ask For Discounts Like: Good Student & Safe Driver.
  • Maintain Good Credit.

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