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Is Your Job Making Your Car Insurance More Expensive?

Can your job actually affect what you pay for car insurance? The answer is yes. A recent study that was done by leading insurance industry giants revealed that the job that you have does affect what your Central Oregon car insurance premium will be.

What are the most expensive industries to be working in?

  • Delivery drivers
  • Scrap metal dealers
  • Race car drivers
  • Professional athletes

While people who work in these industries face high car insurance rates, employees of some industries face lower rates, some of the highly favored industries are: nursing, coast guards, investment bankers and financial managers.

How Can You Lower Your Car Insurance Rates?

If you’re tired of paying a high Central Oregon car insurance premium, you can dramatically lower your premiums by doing a few simple things.

  • Drive less per year – If you can carpool, you should consider car pooling at least one a week because, car insurance companies always reward drivers who drive fewer miles than the year before.
  • Choose your vehicle wisely – You may be in love with that Audi or BMW but those vehicles are more likely to be stolen than a low profile vehicle like a Ford or Chevy. As important as it is to buy a low profile vehicle, it’s also important to buy a vehicle that’s the right color too; this includes choosing a vehicle that’s not painted a color that’s likely to be stolen like red or pink.
  • Stick with your car insurance company longer – Believe it or not, people who jump from car insurance companies periodically pay more than people who stay with an insurer longer because, sticking with a car insurance company proves that you’re a stable consumer who isn’t going anywhere.
  • Stay accident free – If you stay accident free and ticket free, you can lower your car insurance premium by $30 per month or more.

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