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New Study Confirms Married Couples Pay Less Money For Car Insurance

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Thanks to a recent study by we know that single people in their 20’s pay as much as 22 percent or more for car insurance than couples who are married.

Anyone who has Central Oregon Car Insurance is aware that they may be paying more for their car insurance if they are single versus their married counterparts but what about other age groups?

Drivers in Their 30’s

Yes, it’s true that drivers in their 30’s pay less for car insurance that drivers in their 20’s do because, of one word: risk.

Car insurance companies have historically charged drivers in their 30’s lower car insurance premiums than drivers in their 20’s because, they feel that drivers who are approaching “mid-life” have their priorities in order and will be less of a risk on the roads.

Your car insurance premiums will also get lower if you’re married in your 30’s, but if you’re unmarried you can still expect to pay less money for car insurance than you did when you were in your 20’s.

Drivers in Their 60’s

Did you know that drivers who are age 60 pay the lowest car insurance premiums in the United States?

What’s interesting about this statistic is that even though a driver can expect a low car insurance premium at age 60 they can also expect their car insurance premium to go up once they pass age 60 because, most car insurance companies will equate advanced age with more risk behind the wheel.

What You Can Do To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

It doesn’t matter if you’re age 20, 35 or 60; you can pay low car insurance premiums by doing the following:

Maintain good credit – Having good credit is necessary when it comes to getting an insurance quote because, car insurance companies equate bad credit with risk behind the wheel.

Bundle – You can save hundreds per year in car insurance premiums simply by bundling your other insurance premiums with the same company.

Drive less – Although it might not be convenient you can save a lot of money in car insurance premiums simply by car-pooling more to work and this tip will also save you money on car repairs each year as well.

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