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Insurance Attorneys Using Social Media To Find Car Accident Information

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Are you an avid user of social media websites like: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? If so, the content that you post or Tweet can be used against you if you were summoned to appear in court in response to your involvements in a car accident, especially if you take pictures of the scene of the accident and decide to socially broadcast those images or video from the accident online.

The First Place to Look

According to a recent report from we know that Social Media is the first place that insurance attorneys are going to look to see if anyone who was involved an accident has broadcast pictures, video or made comments about their involvement in the accident.

In a recent interview with Frank Darras, a local insurance attorney from Ontario, California said “Checking social media accounts has become one of the first things an insurance company or adjuster will do when you file a claim”, sadly many people don’t realize this and they frequently post their pictures, audio or video of a recent car accident they were involved in without thinking about consulting their attorney first.

A New Direction

Unlike in years past when an insurance company might have had an investigator follow someone around with a camera, these days all an insurance investigator has to do is check someone’s social media accounts first as well as other public documents that can be found online for anyone including their driving record, arrest records, credit report and more.

With the wide variety of public information that can be found online, about anyone, insurance companies are using that information to lower insurance payouts and even deny car insurance claims all together simply based on the information that they find about someone online.

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