Identity Restoration Insurance Policy – Do You Need One?

In today’s world it’s easier than ever before for anyone to have their identity stolen, especially if they spend any amount of time online. This is why everyone should invest in an identity restoration insurance policy.

What Is Identity Restoration Coverage?

Identity restoration coverage provides the fraud victim with up to $25,000 in coverage, or more, depending on insurer; this amount of insurance protection will provide the victim of fraud with financial assistance for:

  • Obtaining their credit reports
  • Reapplying for grants, loans or credit cards
  • Postage and other expenses that will be incurred when repairing credit
  • Paying legal fees

Helpful Deductibles

Besides being an essential tool for helping a victim of identity theft recover financially, this form of insurance protection will also help the victim with the deductibles that an identity restoration insurance policy typically contains, including, $1,000 for paying any fees to the victims banks or financial institutions, up to $5,000 or more for wages that were lost and expenses that need to be paid for child care or elder care.

Identity Theft Is Preventable

What many people don’t think about in the Internet age is that identity theft is preventable and can be eliminated if they follow a few simple steps:

  • Online protection – When using the internet it’s important for every internet user to always protect themselves by making sure that they use antivirus programs on their computer, never using the same password online and deleting their temporary internet files at least once a week.
  • Document destruction – Everyone receives documents from their banks, credit card companies and other lenders; many people make the mistake of throwing these documents away in the trash can instead of doing anything to destroy them. Before throwing away a financial document, it’s important to shred them so that vital information like a bank account number or password can’t be easily found by someone else.

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