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Hurricane Sandy News – How Many Vehicles Were Lost?

When Superstorm Hurricane Sandy was hitting the East Coast hard last week many Oregonians who buy Central Oregon Car Insurance we’re thinking about what the cost would ultimately be to repair and or replace the hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles that were caught in the middle of this superstorm; the actual costs are still being added up as East Coast cities that were affected by Hurricane Sandy,  especially cities like New Jersey and Atlantic City are still trying to get power to thousands of homes and recover bodies that still lie in the rubble of destroyed structures.

How Many Vehicles Were Affected?

As of today, the National Automobile Dealers Association has reported that the total amount of vehicles affected by Hurricane Sandy could reach the 250,000 mark, that’s still lower than the 600,000 vehicles that were affected by Hurricane Katrina but it’s still a huge number that will have an impact on our economy.

Just last week alone there were over 30,000 car insurance claims that were filed by people who live in the New York area and many of the clams are coming from auto dealers in the New Jersey area who lost major portions of their inventories due to Superstorm Sandy.

Hybrid Models Affected

One of the biggest car brands that was affected by Hurricane Sandy was the Toyota Prius Hybrid; many Prius owners have reported that their Hybrid Vehicles ignited during the storm and Toyota Prius experts believe that this was caused by the flooding, when saltwater shorted out the batteries of Prius models on the East Coast.

What can Central Oregon drivers learn from Hurricane Sandy?  Drivers should always have their Central Oregon Car Insurance information available at home, online and in their vehicle at all times just in case their vehicles are lost due to a disaster of Hurricane Sandy or Katrina’s proportions.

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