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How To Winterize Your Vehicle For The Central Oregon Winter

All drivers who have Central Oregon car insurance know one thing, as we get further into September, we have about one month left until the weather will start to change and before we know if, real winter weather will start to hit Central Oregon. If you’re enjoying the remaining days of summer weather in Central Oregon but haven’t started planning to winterize your vehicle yet, here is an easy checklist to follow which will help to insure that your car or truck is ready for winter.


You should invest in a pair of studded tires right now because; in a few months they will be more expensive. Studded tired are important because, they will give your vehicle more traction for driving during days where it’s snowing outside or the roads are icy and you have to get to work or the store. Although studded tires aren’t always necessary on most roads around Central Oregon they do come in handy when driving in towns like Sunriver or Madras Oregon.


They only cost a few dollars but the investment pays off when you change your wiper blades because, new wiper blades will insure that icy slush isn’t left on your windows after you use your wiper blades to wipe away ice or snow on a cold day.


Get your battery checked NOW to make sure that it has a full charge and will be ready for those cold winter days because, the cold weather can kill a battery very easily and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting stranded on a cold, snowy day because you have a dead battery.

Survival Kit

The most important thing you should add to your vehicle this winter is a survival kit because, if you get stranded on a road due to ice or snow this winter, a survival kit will save your life. Your kit should include a blanket, water, flashlight, one day worth of food, warm jacket and pre-paid cell phone so you can call for help.

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