How To Use A Chainsaw

With the Central Oregon weather getting cooler many residents of cities like Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Powell Butte and Madras will be using their chainsaws to cut down old trees, and cut firewood for the weather, and the sad thing is that there will be chainsaw accidents this winter, because, the average owner of a chainsaw doesn’t maintain it properly.

To help keep people out of the hospital this winter we’ve compiled this chainsaw safety checklist that you can easily print from your homes printer and keep with you before attempting to use your chainsaw this winter.

Before Attempting To Start A Chainsaw

Almost everyone loves starting up a chainsaw because, there’s not many tools that can get a big job done quickly like a chainsaw can; before starting a chainsaw follow these steps:

  • Visual Inspection – Inspect the controls, review the chain tension and check out all bolts on the chainsaw to make sure that they are all tight and well fitted to the chainsaws manufacturers specifications.
  • Routine Maintenance – Take the time to sharpen the chain and make sure there is plenty of oil in the chainsaws reservoir.
  • Start your chainsaw on the ground – This step can potentially save a life or a limb because, “gung ho” people have started many chainsaws over the years, off the ground with hazardous results.
  • Maintain a safe distance – Always start up a chainsaw at least ten feet away from gasoline or other fuel to avoid a spark and a fire hazard.
  • Don’t Smoke Around A Chainsaw – It’s important to resist the urge to light up when using a chainsaw, even during winter because, one ember or spark can cause serious injuries and a fire.

How To Store A Chainsaw

For those residents of Bend Oregon or other towns in Central Oregon like Prineville and Madras, who own chainsaws, it’s important to teach children chainsaw safety from day one by doing things like: always engaging the brake when the chainsaw is not in use, locking the chainsaw away in a storage shed or at the very least storing it in a lockable container so a child’s little hands can’t get a hold of it.

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